World Book Day 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yes, it's come round again. It's Book Day! 
A day when Mums up and down the country trawl charity shops looking for the perfect costume....because the children are not allowed to go to school dressed in Disney clothes or Spiderman costumes.  When the children have  tantrums because 'Milly Molly Mandy's dress isn't that shade of blue!'  And teachers forsake their dignity and mark the register concealed behind a giant Mr Happy outfit.

For the past few years I have sent oldest kidlet off to school with a bag full of Book Day cookies (here and here).  Somehow...I don't know how... I forgot that I now have two children at school, which meant 54, yes 54 individual, hand painted cookies. (Competitive Mum or what?).  
I gave them a choice of the characters they wanted, steering them away from anything too involved.   Youngest kidlet, of course, opted for three different owls.  Big kidlet had a mix of her favourite book and others that the class has read.

Did you spot the cookies?

The books we were inspired by are;

 Small Kidlet and I spent a happy hour getting these owl portraits right. We had to make sure each biscuit was being looked after correctly!

I like these owls, they seem a little trippy to me.

But this cheeky chap was my favourite!

Happy reading.