Art Nouveau Cake

Monday, March 14, 2011

 I've haven't lured you in with the false promise of cake I assure you,  but first a catch up.
Things are going very slowly with my new blog look, too many children and cakes getting in the way, but it is coming on slowly and steadily, and, hopefully, soon the all new Amelie's House will be unveiled.
But for now a couple of projects I finished a while ago and haven't got round to showing you.
Remember the cardigan? Well here it is.

Especially for Pipany who requested a photo (some time ago).  I love it as it is so big and comfy.  Mr Lemon Drizzle has been complaining that I haven't taken it off since I finished it! (And I haven't, can you blame me?)  It has taken two years though, so I am going to think long and hard before I start knitting again!

This is a banner I made for my church.  The lighting was terrible so I apologise for the picture.  It is about spring and based on a textile pattern called 'The Tree of Life'.  It is hanging in the church now but I am not very happy with it and every week think about taking it down and doing some more work on it.

Talking of church, I was sitting behind a very contented baby on Sunday.  So instead of listening to the sermon I decided to sketch the little boy.  All I had in my bag were one of the kidlets note books and a Biro.

I love sketching though and should really do more, just another thing to get round to.  
As the sermon ended the little chap woke up and treated the congregation to the sound and smell of a most enormous poo.  He then looked around with a very satisfied expression on his face! Priceless, best moment for weeks!

Anyway thank you for your patience, and, as promised a cake!  

This is a 70th birthday cake for a lady who like art Nouveau.   A really enjoyable confection to work on.

Finally if you are a baker near London get involved with the Cakes For Japan appeal, more information here.