Stylish Bloggers Award

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank You to Stephanie from Cupcakes and Sundry and Christina from Positively Beauty who both awarded Amelie's House a stylish blogger award.  I am very flattered to be considered 'stylish'... anyone who knows me stop laughing now!

As part of the award I have to pass it on to five blogs that I love.

Obviously I have to nominate my Mum over at The Potters House Penketh.

Gretel was a college chum and it has been a real delight to be back in contact with her again. She is having a book published soon, and you can have a sneak peak of it in her blog Middle of Nowhere

If you have been following Amelie's House for some time then you will have seen Marie's work before, but head over to Heartfelt Handmade for more goodies.

Whoops-a-daisy is a blog by a Mum whose child was at school with big kidlet, they moved to the next town but I get to keep up via her beautiful blog.

And last but not least Mallory's blog Honey and Lace has some really beautiful photos that make me want to move to the country!

Then I have to let you know seven things about me;

1. I love a really hot chilli.
2. I was a missionary in Wales. (I could only hack it for two months though!)
3. My best holiday ever, (after my honeymoon in Boston) was a trek across Alaska.
4. I was chosen to sing on a record when I was 7, (think 'Grandma We Love You') but it never got made (phew!).
5. I was born on the same day as Gary Barlow, swoon!
6. One of my textile designs was used for shower curtain material and spotted on 'Friends'.
7. I have really cracked heels.

I'm sure there are some things in that list you wish you didn't know now!