Monday, January 17, 2011

If you were reading my blog last year you may remember that my family and I try to make presents for each other.  You can see the presents I made them here and the ones I received in return here.
This year we were delighted to receive some tasty chutney, Christmas cake, preserved lemons and cherry brandy, yum!
I have mentioned my Mum quite a few times as she is a very keen blogger. However I don't tell you about my Dad so much. So I'm going to show you the presents he made the kidlets this year.

 He is a potter.  He also has a very... erm, not sure how to describe it... personal sense of humor, he makes pottery pengiuins and his latest creation is a camel...in shoes.  You can see his work here.
Anyway, as you may have picked up, small kidlet is a big fan of owls and large kidlet adores bunnies.  So he made them their own pottery creations.

They were so excited when they opened their presents from their Pops.
They are very lucky to have been given works of art as their Christmas presents!  I hope they'll keep them safe for years.  I still have my piggy bank my Dad made me when I was their age, I think it still has some pennies in it too!

ps I promise this is my last Christmas blog!