Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I had a nightmare of a day last week.  
I had 72 cupcakes to make for a post-wedding party.  
At one time I would have cleared three days for this amount,but I can bake them up in a few hours now.
Well, first I accidently made twice the amount of vanilla batter that I needed, and then I realised I had used salted butter instead of unsalted. I could taste the difference, and felt I couldn't let them go out of the house.  So off to Waitrose for more butter to make the batch again, this time managing the right amounts.
Later on I had two batches each of vanilla, lemon and chocolate cupcakes buttercreamed and ready for fondant.
After all the cakes had been baked and I was tidying up, a packet of fondant fell onto my gorgeous Nigella mixing bowl - smashing it into pieces!
Then as I was putting the kids to bed I heard a huge crash and came downstairs to find all the chocolate cakes had mysteriously fallen off the cooling tray onto the floor. At this point all I felt was weary resignation, but I took an alternative bowl and started mixing .... again.
Ah well, my client was really pleased with the final result though -
which is all that counts!