Saturday, September 4, 2010

Four years ago today I was lying in the room above where I am now with a gorgeous little bundle of  baby!
I don't want to make you mums jealous but she came very quickly and pretty much painlessly. So quickly that we didn't make it to the hospital.  Fortunately the midwives made it just in time meaning  Mr Lemon Drizzle didn't need to step in.  Actually my Mum was also here and she had taken her rings off and boiled the kettle (my Dad needed a cup of tea!)
Anyway that tiny bundle is now a rampaging force, mostly of destruction!  But also very cudly and always likes me to know that she loves me, so on the whole I've decided to keep her!

 Obviously there is a party on the horizon but tomorrow it is just a small family party so I made a small pink cake for my small pink pickle.

There are also decorations going up.

Happy Birthday my darling!