Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My house has been invaded by Japanese forest trolls!

There are Soot Gremlins everywhere.

I am finding acorns randomly scattered.  

My tiny kidlet insists on being called Mai, and will only address her father as 'The Real Totoro'!
What on earth is going on?

Well here's the story.......A few weeks ago on a rainy day, desperate to entertain two kidlets going stir crazy after months of inclement weather we all settled down to watch a film 'My Neighbour Totoro' by Studio Ghibli.
Little tiny kidlet had such a lovely reaction, she literally squealed with pleasure all the way through the film then and the next 20 times we have watched it since.  Her delight has not diminished!
'My Neighbour Totoro' is one of the gentlest kindest films I have ever seen. It is about two little girls (the littlest one is Mai) who move to the country with their father while their mother is in hospital.  They meet a troll called Totoro who is big and fluffly and funny.
It is a slow film compared to Disney or other western animations, so I was amazed at the kidlets reaction and their ability to sit relatively quietly.
Of course Mr Lemon Drizzle (being a Japanophile) is delighted and immediately went to ebay to find Totoro related merchandise.  Unfortunately as it has to be imported it is very expensive, so not wanting to deny them a childhood pleasure I dusted down my sewing machine.
Now I know I worked in fashion, but I was a textile designer, and although I can easily run up a pair of curtains or a cushion I do not have much patience at a sewing machine.
Here is the real Totoro.
And here is version no.1.  Given the choice tiny kidlet choose a white fabric and pink eyes, probably not the best choice given her affinity to dirt.

And here is version no.1 after a day. You can't see but she has lost a tail.

After a few days.  He (sorry Mai, she) has lost a tail, an arm, most of her whiskers, is covered in chocolate and peanut butter and has been very loved.

So I was instructed to make more and big kidlet wanted in on the act.
Then they needed acorns and bags and 'WE HAVE TO HAVE SOOT GREMLINS TOO!'

I do get frustrated with my sewing but the kidlets are easily pleased. They love their Totoros and are eager to have more, but I think I'm done....for now.
I shall take advantage of the lovely sunshine and pop outside to hang up my washing. Oh it's glorious to finally bask in the sun again.....what's that noise?  Something is moving in the bushes. I'm sure it is just a little bird making it's nest.

 Is it just birds?