Friday, March 12, 2010
My Parents have a DVD collection in their holiday house.  The one most in danger of wearing out is "The Wizard of Oz".  They use it as some kind of mood enhancing drug!
'Somewhere over The Rainbow' has always been a song close to my heart, even before I made my theatrical debut as a Munchkin I would sing this song to myself to get to sleep.

I now hear my own kidlets singing to theirselves.  Although a happy wakey up song sung with gusto at six in the morning it is not as adorable as an evening lullaby!

These are painted cookies I made for my tiny kidlet's nursery coffee morning.
One of the downsides of painting cookies is the colour comes off quite easily,especially in hot little hands and many of the kidlets went home sporting rainbow moustaches and beards!

I'm dreaming of the summer and building a cake empire! 
What are you dreaming about?