Goodbye my babies.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last week a very nice man came and painted over my nursery. We had won his services in an auction of promises at the kidlet's school, as I knew we would never get round to doing it ourselves.
The kidlets have been sharing a room for some time and I initially turned their nursery into a play room...which they never used! So it quickly became a storage room for all my boxes and cake equipment. But the time had come to paint over my memories.
I can still remember the week I decorated the room, heavily pregnant, dreaming about the little babies that were to come, blissfully unaware of how exhausting the next four years would be!

I've always wanted a yellow room and this was the perfect opportunity. A lovely colour for a new-born, bright and cheery to take it's mind of it's Mother's tears. I added some painted penguins for a bit of fun and made some appliqued penguins for a picture frame.
The curtains and chair cover were blankets from IKEA. I made the chair cushions with some fabric I had designed in my previous life as a textile designer.

I had many happy moments in this room, mostly watching them sleep, the only time they were quiet and still, but we won't be needing a nursery again so it is painted white to make way for a guest bedroom.
I did shed a little tear because it's the end of an era, but my two little people are getting bigger and they are getting more interesting and gorgeous by the day.