Sunday, April 29, 2012

Here are some more pictures I want to share with you from my friend's hen party weekend in Bath.
If you have never visited Bath you really should. It is a fairly small city ,so easily walkable and there is the most beautiful architecture and history.

But of course, the day started with cake and hot chocolate, as all good days should.

Then once we had our sugar fill we wandered around the fabulous shops.
I visited the Makery (on the left) with a couple of friends, one of which was Marie from Heartfelt Handmade. We went a little doolally in the shop with all their beautiful trims and sewing paraphernalia. I purchased a fairly large amount of ribbon. Some of which is to use on my friend's wedding cake and some for a cake Marie has ordered, which I though was very appropriate.

For a special hen party treat, we were taken to a different Makery building. Led up a twisty staircase, to a fairly small intimate room and given a life drawing session! It was great fun, I really enjoyed the life drawing exercises, they took me back to my college years and made me want to take it up again!