Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Don't you hate it when chefs on TV bang on about 'how quick this meal is to make'?  When, what they actually  mean is, how quick it is to cook.
 'Yes, Gordon, it may only take five minutes to fry it all together in a wok, but it's going to take me two hours to cut that amount of vegetables that thin, without my own sous chef and two children in the house!'
......and breathe!
So here is a quick project that really did only take me fifteen minutes.
We have an old picture from IKEA that Mr Lemon Drizzle purchased many moons ago and has since been relegated to under-the-bed.  So I dug it out (that took up five of the minutes), took down the lovely picture my Mum painted and made a seasonal card display.

I taped some Christmas wrapping paper around the front.  Then pinned some ribbon across it, I even had time to measure the distance between them equally.
Hung it on the wall and Bob's your Uncle, an attractive way to get the cards off the window shelf where they constantly fall over.

Oh yeah Gordon, stick that in your wok and fry it!

ps  I have alot more cards on it now, we are quite popular really.