Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It has been a very cold few weeks  months...actually it feels like forever. But there have been some amazing sights out and about.
We had some fabulous frosts before the snow hit. 
Having deliberately left some dead plants in the garden to create structure (mmm) I felt very pleased with myself as they looked fantastic covered in the thick frost.

When the snow hit this week we took the opportunity to walk the few hundred yards out of our garden to the most sledgiest sledging hill.  I love that we can take our kidlets to do this. When I was their age we never had any snow or hills and had to make do with sledging down a heavily frosted path.  I can still remember watching Sesame Street and the children were making tunnels in the snow, it was sooo thick. I was very jealous.

So to take my kidlets sledging was a real treat. Of course they only lasted half an hour before they got too cold and there was an unfortunate incident with some salopettes , but it was fun.

The sheep look on with boredom!

This week there have been some quite amazing icicles outside our windows and some of the shrubs have been turned into ice sculptures.