Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now technically this isn't my craft project but Mr Lemon Drizzle's - he spent a few happy hours with the kidlets making these owls. So I can't really give you a complete tutorial, sorry (I was probably busy checking out the blogosphere...) but he says they are very easy and I did catch a few pointers.

The body of the owl is made from that old trusty piece of craft equipment, a toilet roll tube - what would we do without them? Each is cut to size (these owlets are half a tube high) then carefully pinched inwards from opposing sides at the top, before taping together to create the owl's tufts. (I was going to say 'ears' but I'm sure owls ears are flat to their heads...I could be wrong!)
He used cupcake cases for the tummys (each cupcake case was cut into quarters, and then the point of each quarter trimmed away before sticking on in layers) and then cut out two circles for eyes and a triangle of orange for a beak. It's then a half-circle of brown craft paper for the wings (or two halves of a cupcake cases for a snowy owl) and 'Hooty McTooty!' - we had a barnful of owls!
Big kidlet gets very excited when she makes things, and her first question is invariably: "Will you put it on your blog?" She kindly made name tags for them all so you wouldn't get confused as to who is who. ('Floot' rhymes with 'Toot').