Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't you love a giveaway?  
A few weeks ago I won a fabulous one from Torie Jayne.  She was giving away a £60 voucher for CSN stores.  I promised her I would let her know what I bought (I only went slightly over budget) . It all arrived this week and I have already made good use of some of my winnings!

As my family is getting bigger and eating more I needed a bigger pie dish so I got this lovely blue Le Creuset dish and it came just on the day I needed to make a chicken pie.

I also purchased two stacking cooling rackes which are fabulous!

I have read so much from Nigella about reusuable baking paper that I had to try some of that.
I also got two flat baking trays for my cookies.
 A tin of butterfly cookie cutters

And some square cutters which I shall be using later on today!

Anyway as a thankyou to Torie here is a pretty cake!

A good friend ordered it for a summer party and she wanted me to incorporate the bird house from a previous design.

I also used this trial which I found on Tories blog,(here), she does like a bird!

ps. Happy Birthday Mum
pps. If you live in the USA or Canada, head over to Haniela's blog for a chance to win a CSN voucher!