Tuesday, August 17, 2010
I have a confession.....sometimes I'm a terrible friend!
One of my good friends had a lovely little baby boy some months ago and I have just got round to getting a goodie basket together for her! (hangs head in shame) 
I actually wanted to make some her some chocolate macarons as well but I knew that I would never find the time and her little boy would be a year before I gave her her new baby package!
Here's what she could be munching on now!

And here is what she has actually received.

Photo courtesy of Heartfelthandmade
   A beautiful banner from Marie at Heartfelt Handmade 
She made me this in exchange for cake!
A lovely burping cloth and tinkle tent (just for boys can you guess what it's for?) from IslaBBaby

 And a fabric collage from me!

 I also included some homemade elderflower cordial.
I hope she enjoys!