Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another post that should have been written weeks ago.
I had the pleasure of hosting a Stealing Candy Party for some friends.  I love having parties mostly because I love party food.
As most people were coming after tea I didn't want to overface them so as well as crisps I made my fail safe aubergine dip, from Nigella's Feast

 It's always a winner!  
 I serve it with strips of warm pitta bread.  Mmmm!

Of course I didn't want to hold back on the sweet treats!
As it was the last week of pre-school for tiny kidlet (hold back tears) and I had my parents visiting I thought I could make loads of cakes and biscuits to distrubute.

 I made vanilla macarons with chocolate ganache. 

Lime and coconut macarons, I know, look at me whipping out macarons like some kind of french pattiserie chef (see here for macaron dispair).

 Chocolate whoopie pies with vanilla filling. 
I heard so much about whoopie pies being the new cupcakes that I was determined to have a go.  They are so easy to make and absolutely delicious, if you've never tried, go won't regret it!

 Another classic favourite, lemon and poppy seed thins from a Martha Cookie special.

I also purchased some lovely Stealing Candy goodies, some of which are presents so I can't show them here.  But I did treat myself to this gorgeous containers which have been used every day since!

I wanted to get some of these lovely bowls as well but totally forgot with so much going on. 
 So it was a nice surprise when my Toddler Group gave me a set as a leaving present. 
I have been running it for a year and now will be taking a back seat when tiny kidlet starts big school (sobs).
We hastely packaged up most of the remaining treats (saving some for the parents) and I dispatched them with the kidlet to pre-school where they went down like...well cake!

(I would have like to have printed out a nice label but no time.)