Gone fishing

Thursday, August 16, 2012
OK well I didn't do any fishing, but as I was holiday I did eat plenty of fish and chips! If you did notice my absence (please say you did!) it's because we took off for a few days. So I have no pictures of pretty cakes to share with you. Instead I shall do the year 2012 equivalent of sitting you down with a glass of sherry and some twiglets and force you to watch a slide show of my holiday snaps, I will share my Instagrtam pics with you. (There's only a few promise!). My Instagram tag is @neviepie if you want to keep up with my daily snaps.

 We started in Warrington where I taught a fondant painting class with some gorgeous ladies (more pics to follow). My parents were the hosts and my Dad made his legendary chocolate cake.

My nieces have a new kitten called Jess.

 Then up to Morcambe, a very traditional English seaside side at the bottom of the Lake District. The Sunset Ices van is always about in the summer, with it's famous Tunnock's Teacake topped icecream.

 There are gorgeous seaside flowers all along the coast, including this curry plant.

 Then I left the kidlets with their grandparents and took a jaunt up to Edinburgh to meet Mr LD who was performing at the fringe. I spent a large part of my time in Anthropologie...sigh!

Back to Morcambe and some snaps of my Parents house.

I always find it hard to get back in to my routine after holidays, but I still have the kidlets around for a few weeks, so there aren't too many orders to fulfill. I have plans for recipes to post and tutorials, but we'll see. Forgive me if it is meager pickings for a while.