Friday, February 11, 2011

This post will contain gratuitous scenes of book destruction!  Do not continue if you are of a sensitive nature.

Did you guess from my sneak peak the theme of this weeks party?
It's books!
I can't quite remember how we came upon this theme, as it was decided a year ago, pretty much as the last guests were leaving the Hello Kitty party.  But, it's a good theme, so we ran with it.
Big kidlet, as you may know loves to be involved with any craft project, especially if it's for a party.  So together we came up with this idea for an invitation.

When you were young did you have 'How To Be A Spy' books?  I remember, along side the 'using lemon juice as invisible ink' and what a 'drop' is, there was always a section on how to turn a book into a secret hiding place.  Of course anyone who is a spy now would know to look in a book immediately, having read the same manual as me! (My spy name is 00CAKE.)
So we decide to create a book within a book.  Big kidlet (BK) wrote a party themed story and drew the illustrations to go with them.

I photographed them (I don't have a scanner) and fiddled around on picnik, under her supervision to create a little book.

I cut them out and she glued them all together.  We cut out the holes in the proper books with a scalpel and glued the sides together.  Fortunately my measuring was spot on and the little books fitted snugly in their holes.

I took another picture of one of the blank pages from one of the books, they have a lovely aged quality, some more picniking and we had some tags.  BK was sooo excited giving them out and the party guests were quite impressed!

I shall hopefully have a post with the full party story soon when I have recovered, (probably about a months time then!)