THE MAD HATTER'S TEA PARTY! (a fairy tale with cake)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One still quiet summer morning two little girls are sleeping in their beds dreaming of rabbits, glitter, socks and grass. 
There is a sudden shift in the room and silently the curtains slightly part.
In flies a small creature...look is the Pink Sprinkle Cupcake Fairy.

She swoops over the little beds and giggling waves her wand.

Two sleepy heads open their eyes, blink and see her.

She beckons them to follow her and unusually obedient they do.
As if in a dream they find themselves in the dewy garden, damp feet  bed heads their tummies full of butterflies.

She offers them both a cupcake.
"Eat up!  Every crumb!"
"But I don't like the icing!"
"I only eat the icing!"
She sighs, it's never the same as in the book.
"Every last crumb or the magic will not work"
Slowly at first they lick and chew and discover that these are fairy cakes and taste like the sweetiest sweet and the chocliest chocolate and they are pleased to discover both cake and icing are delicious!
But what now.....the tummy butterflies have become as big as birds and their hair is tingling....they are shrinking.

As they protest they are sshhed again .  The fairy beckons and they follow her through an arch of flowers.

There in the glade they see a little girl drinking tea.

"Hello, I'm Alice and I'm having the strangest day"
They look at her and then each other, "We are too."

"Will you join me?"
As they sit down at the table they don't even realise the fairy has disappeared. They are beaming and laughing for infront of them is the most amazing table of goodies.

There are twenty different cupcakes in all different shapes and sizes some decorated with beautiful flowers  others with swirls and fairy dust.

 There are macarons, iced gems, rainbow kisses,

meringues, whoopie pies,

Belgian buns, Chelsea buns, Manchester tarts and Bakewell pies,

jam tarts, biscuits, fig rolls, chocolate chip cookies,  

pancakes, scones, pies, pastries and all manner of delights that they cannot even name.

 "Tuck in!  I can't eat all this by myself.  There was a strange man in a hat making some tea," she says "but he seems to have disappeared!"
The two little girls think that maybe they are dreaming but fueled by the memory of the fairy cake they begin to nibble and bite and then as they feel more at ease chomp with gusto!

After some time all three girls begin to slow, even fairy food fills you up eventually.
"Aaahhhhh!" they yawn together.

 "I think it's time for you all to go home"

Turning they see the 'Feeling Sleepy And Go To Bed Fairy'
"Follow me!"

Obedient as lambs they stumble behind her. As she waves her wand over them the air is filled with the scent of vanilla and cinnamon, their eyelids feel so heavy that they cannot keep them open and they start to dream the most wonderful dreams......

......"Come on sleepy heads!"  Their Mother is calling.  "It's time to get up, I've made banana and blueberry pancakes."
"We're not hungry! "
"Are you ok my little cupcakes?  Are you ill?"
They plod heavy footed down the stairs. Surely if it was just a dream they wouldn't feel so full?
"There's a package here for you my pumpkin pies."

Could they really have met fairies and Alice in their own back garden?

 Uh oh here come the butterflies again!

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