Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today Mr Lemon Drizzle and I have been married for ten years!
Yes a decade ago we were wild.....wildish.... ok not at all wild young things tying the knot and now here we are happily ensconsed in family life worrying about vomiting bugs and school places.  
So it's nice to remember that day ten years ago when I felt like a princess marrying her prince.

It's probably a good job there weren't blogs then as I was someting of a bridezilla as it was.  I had to make or embellish everything myself, from the invitations to my flower girls shoes.  I don't have that many photos of flowers, banners (yes I made banners) etc and I don't want to bore you with loads of pictures of people you don't know but here is a little sample of that glorious day.

I wasn't using computers in those days so I did everyting by hand apart from the invite and Mr LD did that.

I love this picture of my Dad.

And my Mum

My flowers which a good friend did for me.

We had the reception in my parents garden and this is their summer house

Happy Anniversary!