Monday, February 15, 2010
My oldest kidlet requested about this time last year that she would like a Hello Kitty party for her birthday.
So here are some photos of what we did, it has been a year in the planning and was over in the blink of an eye!
When we embrace a theme, we embrace a theme!  It was nice to have a red colourway rather than the normal ubiqitous pink.  And Hello Kitty is such an iconic character that it's great to use her image.

We had a desert table which I was very excited about..... Mr Lemon Drizzle used the word bonkers but he doesn't really appreciate the beauty of cake!

My kidlets get nearly as excited about planning parties as I do and insist on being involved which I have to admit sometimes I find hard as I have high expectations so after ten minutes of sticking crepe paper onto a pinata they were bored and wanted something else to do, so I cut out some stickers and they drew Hello Kitty on them for the banner.  And They did a great job!

I have done a Hello Kitty cake in the past for my little tiddler so I wanted to do something different.  What could be different than a Hello Kitty cake?  Two Hello Kitty cakes!.....Well technically one Hello Kitty and one bunny friend! We used one for the party and are saving one for the actual birthday.

I also had a go at cookie pops for the first time as well and was pleased with the results.

We played hunt the Kitty (we have a massive collection of small plastic Hello Kittys). Pin the bow on the Kitty.  I made a pinata which I was very pleased with and gave the party guests the most fun of the day.

It was easy to make if a little time comsuming.  Some of the kidlets were a bit light with the stick but others wacked it with quite a force, even Mr LD got involved but I had to take the stick of him in the end so the kidlets could play!
However it was quite well constucted so we had to put it on the floor and they jumped on it to get the sweets out!

For the party bags we had Hello Kitty cookies, rings, stickers, sweets and a felt broach from Heartfelt Handmade.

All in all a fantastic party which couldn't have happened without my kidlets creative input and Mr LDs skill at making up great games to fill in the last 15 minutes after my games had run out!