Thursday, December 31, 2009

I love this colour combination and find it particualrly Christmassy. Here is a mosaic of a few of my favourite things this Christmas.
1. First off is Tunnocks Teacakes a long standing family tradition, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Tunnocks!
2. Then a little carved wooden robin I bought with Mr Lemon Drizzle long before we had our kidlets, it has real sentimental value.
3. I finally succumbed to the pom-pom craze and used this tutorial from Martha Stewart which was soooo easy.
4. I made an advent calender for the kidlets using scraps of fabric I have accrued!  Next year I hope to add some more embelishment.
5.  My gingerbread men who have been having an adventure over at Middle of Nowhere.
6.  My gingerbread house, which has been entered into two competitions, please have a look and vote. Gingerbread Housing Crisis  Martha Stewart Gingerbread House Competition
7.  An applique I made a few years ago for Christmas cards.
8.  My Christmas Cake.
9.  More pom-poms as I love them so much!